Monday, November 24, 2008

What is e-gold?

E-Gold is digital medium of exchange spent by e-gold Ltd., domicile in Nevis , apply is global, the value standard based on 100% applied pure gold price in world market, and presented in the form of saving account e-gold.

E-gold is an currency as does dollar and rupiah, not is national currency a state. This means there is no state spending bank note and or metal in currency e-gold. Every transaction e-gold is done electronically through internet. Assess transaction is based on pure gold weight.

You can change e-gold into form of other currency ( US, Dollars, Pounds , Deutche Mark….. conversely). e-gold have been confessed by many merchant in the world in doing on-line transaction, and as payment media validating. Besides your fund in e-gold can pulled through ATM are special in all machines ATM logoes Cirrus, Maestro, and Mastercard.

E-gold have website which guaranteed by is the security with secure server of 128 bit SSL. You can open account e-gold without worn by expense ( FREE)

What is e-gold for?

e-gold you can exploit within reason moneys. You can apply it is as a means of payment receiver and or do payment. For you don’t have Credit, Card, e-gold is one of solution for doing purchasing onlinely. In this time there area lot of sitesin a world of using e-gold as payment media.

We also able to assume e-gold like Bank. Bank virtual, because we can save also there in so many currency type. Then you can enter your fund to accounts e-gold by the way of buying e-gold, conversely you can liquefy fund e-gold your by the way of the sells.

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